Sky Scooter, How high to fly?

I just got a Sky Scooter Pro II for my birthday. So far 4 flights with no crashes, but several very near misses:). How high should this plane fly. Mine seems to not want to climb much higher than 50-60 feet. That seems too low to me to start trying loops and tricks. I have made it roll succesfully, but am afraid to try a loop because of the low altitude. (also did a hammerhead stall, but that was an accident;) So how high should this thing fly and any thing to check for to make it go higher?

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Fly it differently. The elevator is not the magic "up" stick. If a plane will climb to 50-60 feet, it will climb to several hundred, provided you don't hold full back on the elevator in a vain attempt to force it to climb.

8 cells will help, but the plane will fly okay on 7. One thing you might want to invest in is a peak charger. The charge rate the included timer uses cannot possibly fully charge the included pack if you use it as prescribed. The best you can hope for is half a charge.
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