Upgrading Toolbox 2003 to 2004

I am currently using Tool box with SW 2003 on a network. I have choosen to 'always create copy' when creating new Toolbox parts.

How do I keep all this data intact when I upgrade to SW2004?

I image the install for SW2004, will install a new Toolbox. Do I really want that? How will my my 2003 'copied parts' sync with the new install? How will my 'copied parts' sync with the new instal 'master part files'?

It's totally overwhelming and confusing to me. Can someone please enlighten me?


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I would be glad to help except that we don't use Toolbox. However, I did a bit of looking in the archives and this thread might be worth a read.

formatting link
It appears that the toolbox parts are kept in several files, and they can be "upgraded" to a new version. Good to know, but dangerous if you inadvertently convert them. I would suggest finding the files and making a copy just in case of emergency. Sorry, that's about as far as I can go without having it installed here, but it should get you started.


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Wayne Tiffany

Still looking for an answer to this issue.

Aar> I am currently using Tool box with SW 2003 on a network.

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