Cost/benefits upgrading to wildfire.

Hi all,

lately at work the discussion has rised, if we should continue our maintanance contract any further... We pay tons on maintanance contracts to get a software update of 2001 and a helpdesk we never used in all those years.

Wildfire does'nt prove to have the extra functionnality that would motivate Workstation upgrade.

So if we wo'nt use wildfire for the first couple of years, why should we pay tons for the maintanace contract?

Is'nt it much cheaper to drop the maintanace contract, and accuire new licences in a year or 3? meanwhile, the workstations have evolved, and wildfire will be tweaked and finetuned?

did anyone else had this discussion at work? I know few of the customers of my previous employer did drop the contract. and will continue for a few years with 2001.

comments please!

thanks in advance, Ed

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if your maintenance fee is say 25% (which may be high) than you would have to wait 4 years just to break even if you were to buy new license. My guess is that you might be better off trying to discontinue maintenance for a year or so and than trying to renew them. The worst thing that can happen is that you pay the back support. With any smarts, my guess is that you can reduce that total to just the current years fees. If not, switch to solidworks or something else.

so you say your not using your support ? why not, I've been using pro since release 11 and I'm always opening web calls for questions that I have. Web calls are the way to go. PTC usually calls back within an hour or two. If you need immediate assistance than call the help line and wait on speaker phone.

ed wrote:

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We have been off maintenance for a couple years. We are currently on

2000i2 and doing fine. We do have 2001 but have so far decided not to implement it. When we did have maintenance, it seemed that RAND solved very few of our problems.
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I still wonder why pay? How am I supposed to explain to my chief that we will pay thousands of euro's a year for a release an support we won't be using. Rand has'nt been that much of a help either. I've noticed that i still can manage the floating licence ( where the maintenance is discontinued for a couple of years.) via the ptc website to change the hardware adress for example. is this still possible if I discontinue them all?

Thanks In advance , Ed

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PTC sends out

If the software weren't that "buggy" they don't need that many patches :")) Just my 2 cents!

Chinh Pham

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: If the software weren't that "buggy" they don't need that many patches : :")) : Just my 2 cents! : : Chinh Pham

You'll never get an argument from Pro/e users on that!!!! JM2C2! DJ

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David Janes


Indeed within the company I work for we have a similar discussion. Although we do continue our maintenance contracts we do not see a direct need to upgrade to Wildfire immediately (currently running 2001).

Although PTC claims an efficiency improvement of ±24% when modeling in Wildfire, we and others measure a system performance decrease of ± 10%. Also the stability of the software and investments in upgrade trainings and hardware are important factors that drive our decision. Can anyone share his view on this decision making process?

Thanks in advance, Patrick

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Patrick Claus

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