Part configurations radomly changing in Configured assemblies

We are having tremendous difficulties with our assemblies that have configured parts and subassemblies. We open up assembly files that we know had the right configuration of a part(s) and in one or more of the assembly configurations the parts change to (what appears to be) the first instance's configuration of the part. haven't found a work around, and it is eating us alive.

We have produced check print drawings that show all the right parts, the check print gets approved and when the drafter goes to final plot, things like all the nuts change to be .25 or all the snap rings change from say a 2" on a 2" pin to a 5.5" on a 2" pin.

Shame on me because I though I had heard of something like this in the early SP's so I held off until SP3.0 when I thought I had heard configs were now good. We changed a few weeks ago and boom, it has been a productivity killer. No work around!

IMHO SW2003 has been the worst release since we started on 98+!

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Bryan Player
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Hi Bob,

We have had problems when mating against imported solids. Every once in a while the solids information would disappear and everything that was mated or relations to this part would be gone. I had a gage that I was using an imported solid with 3d points and axis defined by this imported part. I'd save the assy and close and when I'd reopen it the solids info was missing and all of my transducers that were mated concentric to the axis were going in the opposite direction. I had this happen about 3 times worth 6 hours of lost time before we figured out a work around. I've had others where things that were mated just lost the coincident mate. If this should happen, open the model with the imported solid and drag the scroll bar in the feature tree above the imported solid and then back down. This will rebuild the model and give you back the solids info and fix some of the mates.

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I use configurations extensively in my library parts & I experienced some problems with configs when 2003 was first released, but this only seemed to affect parts that had been made in earlier versions of SW (not a problem now - I think SP2 fixed it) - the work-around was to open & rebuild every config. in the part.

Secondly, check that you have selected 'use named configuration' and not 'use components "in-use" or last saved configuration (RMB on the part and select 'component properties').

Merry :-)

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Merry Owen

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