Table Driven Part Configurations in Assemblies Question


I used a Table to drive the angular dimensions of 18 brackets... and saved the one Part file with the 18 configurations.

It worked, so that is fine and good.

Now I want to make an Assembly with 18 configurations of that bracket, and one PEM nut in the same place on each bracket...

What would be the "name of the part file configuration variable" (bracket_config@file whatever?) to put into the Excel file for the table in the assembly that points to the configuration (1 thru 18) in the Part file.

The ultimate goal here it to have "1 Part file with 18 configurations" (currently working) and "1 Assembly file with each of the 18 Part Configurations" as part of the assembly file (not working)

NOTE: As mentioned before the bracket will also have a CLS (4-40) Pem Fastener from the toolbox installed if that is important.

I guess I am not smart enough for this problem... yet!

I cannot seem to find this in SW Help...

Thank you,

Aron SW2007, SP4.0

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The name would be "$CONFIGURATION@PART

I'll send You a file to show how it's done.

// Krister

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Search the help for "summary of design table parameters". I have found it very helpful to memorize that phrase.

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Wow, Thanks everybody!

I will give it a try soon...

As usual, I got pulled off this to another side project, but will write back in a few days or so.

Again thanks for the responses and emails,


P.S And of course, thanks for not using the F-word... and by F-word I mean: Fun, Fine, & Fantastic...;->

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