convert SW 2006 to Sw 2005 ? ?

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No smart convert: 2006 to parasolid to 2005. Question asked almost every month on this forum.
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Jean Marc
If your looking for a way to convert a 2006 file to 2005, and still maintain the feature tree, its impossible. Like mentioned above you can save the 2006 file as an .X_T parasolid, but you will loose the features in the feature tree. This is known as a dumb solid. The inability to save solidworks files back to earlier versions has long been a complaint of many users, and can be frustrating if your customers dont stay up to date with their versions. The same used to hold true for Autocad drawings, untill DWG editor gained popularity.
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You do gain many of the features if you have the feature recognizer turned on. I have taken some simple parts hand had them successfully create a feature tree for the part.
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This is a big double edge sword, IMO. It would be nice to have the ability to just open files and have them be backwards compatible. But then I ask the question, what would the "Flex" feature be before 2005? What would you make a new function be in the older version? Not saying that it can't be done, but how can you have the parametrics or control over a feature that did not exist? Or at least not in the same way in the older version. Sweep with a Twist.... prior to 2005, what would that be?
Not trying to start a war or anything, just throwing it out there for response as to how this could be handled with the intelligence that we created with. I agree, feature recognition is a great tool, but getting some things to come back that are not so prismatic might be harder and you have to do it manually.
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