I have 504 ram on my computer, XP Pro, can I get by with this amount of RAM for SW 2006?

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Solidworks may start, but that's about it. You'll be paging pretty quick once you start working.You need at least a gig with XP. Two or three for any serious work


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Mark Mossberg

Although 1gb is most certainly better thatn 512 mb, on the home machine I do quiet a bit of 'side' work with just 512 mb. Just lastnight I was working on a pretty complicated molded part. I had it opened as well as a similar part and an assembly going with both parts in it. I didn't note any extensive disc activity and everything was very snappy. Maybe its the 7200 rpm SATA drives that make this workable.

Try it and see how it does, you can always add more RAM and its cheap.


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Not Necessarily Me

As with anything it depends what your needs are. If you are sticking mostly to simple assemblies (

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Mr. Who

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