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Anyone upgrade to 2006 service pack 3? Just would like to know if there are any pros or cons we should look forward to...

Thanks, TP

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I am having problems with sketchs offsets from splines (especialy power trim doesnt work , extend lines flip to the wrong side). And performance is worse than previous. This morning i will roll back to sp2.1. Hope that fixes the problems in my current project.

Best regards, Bram

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I have an assembly that I was working on in SP2.1. I was working on it for several days which means that it got opened numerous times. For some reason, it suddenly would not open anymore. All of the parts would open fine, by themselves. But the assembly's "open progress bar" would get near

100% and just stop. I thought the file had gone corrupt on me or something. I figured it wouldn't hurt to upgrade to SP3.0 anyway. Guess what! The new SP3.0 opened the file just fine.

I don't know what happened here. But it saved my tail.

Other than that, I have not seen any differences in SP3.0.

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Seth Renigar

Interesting - I use power trim all the time on SP3.0 - no problems.

I have not seen any issues that I would tie to SP3.0. In fact it fixed on of my outstanding SPR's. But, I also don't use splines, surfaces, etc - I'm one of those straight line-square corner guys! :-)


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Wayne Tiffany

I am not using it yet-still on sp2.0 with few problems.

I have been monitoring some threads on this subject over in the SW DiscussionForum. Looks like you should be aware that SW switched from the Bluebeam pdf writer to one supplied by Adobe. Some people who depend on pdf's for communication are having some issues with it.

If you don't ude the save as pdf option, then you may be OK.


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John Kreutzberger

One thing with new save as PDF files in SP3.0: You will not be able to open them with 'Full" Acrobat 5.0(it gives file corrupt error). You have to upgrade to at least Acrobat 6.0 Reader to view them. That was my experience anyway. Acrobat Pro 7.0 works great with some new neat features.

Mike Eckstein

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Michael Eckstein

Also any drawing views that have BREAK OUT SECTION views in them WILL NOT show any geometry in that view when SAVING AS AN ADOBE PDF FILE. What a POS this release is.

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I had said previously in this thread that I had not seen any real differences in SP3.0. But I forgot about the PDF thing.

Yes, save as PDF is basically hosed as far as I am concerned. I have reported SEVERAL significant problems with the very first PDF that I created from it.

Get this! One of the problems I reported was that save as PDF no longer puts headers/footers on the PDF drawing. I have a header in my drawing templates that shows the date and time that it was printed. The header has always shown up in the PDFs as well, to document when the PDF was created. Well, now it doesn't show up in the PDFs. Solidworks say that I should submit an enhancement request for this. Why should we have to submit an enhancement request for a functionality that was previously there?

There are many other PDF issues that I will not get into right now...

I don't normally get wound up about new SP bugs. I have kind of gotten used to creating clever workarounds for broken functionality from SP to SP. But this save as PDF issue has really got me wound up tight. I ended up having to buy Adobe Acrobat (which has some issues itself) just to create decent PDFs. Why don't SW leave well enough alone!!! It used to create really good PDF files, quickly and easily...

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Seth Renigar

Ran this by my VAR and he said the Adobe change happened at SP2.1. He said the compatability with Adobe 6.0 and higher was deliberate and he does not think SolidWorks will change that. The reason he gave for the change was that many users were having difficulty getting well formated pdf files from the old software. Brad

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It sounds like they had a real good software salesman tell SW that this is the best software out and will save you a ton of time and effort and really do the best job for the money with no bugs and no issues.

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