2006-2008 upgrade Publish to PDF

Hi all.
We have the new upgrade, and my only immediate need is
publishing to pdf.
How difficult is the upgrade, how many things does it mess up?
If it's "no big deal" I have one draftsman that needs that publish to pdf
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The 2008 has a built in pdf utility, this utility has additional benifits to third party pdf printers. I work at a engineering office and we noticed that when using CutePDF would not "print" out inserted spreadsheets.
so now we only use the built in utility
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I have used PDF995 for years.
download page
the FREE version has annoying pop up adds, but I used it for years before I spent the $10. it installs as a windows printer, and I use it from ANY of my programs that do not support PDF printing.
just my 2¢.
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I don't think you understand. I can certainly create PDF's with another program (I personally use cute pdf) but AutoCAD 2006 will not let me batch publish to cute pfd. I am told 2008 has batch publish to pdf capability. BIG time saver when a set has over 200 sheets!!!
I have received my 2008, but all of our computers (small arch firm) are equipped with cd burners, and nothing in the house can read DVD. I'll have to by a DVD burner tonight and install it before we can launch 2008. sigh.
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