Generac generator has no AC output

Hi all,

I have a 5000 watt portable Generac generator model PP5000T and it does not have any AC output. The engine starts right up but I can not get any AC out of it. I have only used it for about 20 days in two years. ( I live in FL and it is for hurricane season. ) I have checked the circuit breakers and all the connections to the front panel where the AC outlets are. Everything is OK. I tested the connector plug that connects directly into this front panel and it does not have any voltage.

I have read many differnt posts about troubleshooting no AC output but have a couple questions.

I have read that a generator can become demagnatized and may need to have the core remagnatized or flashed. I have seen a couple posts about how to do this and just want see if I can get an answer on how to do this. As i understand it I need to provide a quick DC voltage to remagnatize the core and jump start things. but I have a couple quick questions on how to do this.

Can I use the connector coming to the front circuit breaker panel to do this? This is a plug with three wires which connects directly into the circuit breaker panel. The connector has a blue, gray and red wire. Which wires would I use?

Do I need to use 12 VDC or would a 9 VDC battery do the trick? I read one post which said a simple 9 VDC battery like you use in a smoke detector is just fine to use but most other posts talk about a car battery.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? Yes, I know I can take it to a service center but getting it there is difficult and I would like to do that as a last resort.

Thanks so much for your time and any suggestions would be appreciated as hurricane season is once again upon us and I would like to see if I can get this running.

regards, Gene

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a knowledgeable service technician is your very best option.

unless exposed to a nuculear EMP pulse your 2 year old magnet is probably just fine.

shorting a 9V 'transistor' battery while holding it is not recomended. at best it gets very hot. the amount of energy needed to magnitize a 5k generator magnet will be more then a 9V can supply.

if you can get at the circuit breaker terminals, check for continuity with an ohmmeter.

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Thanks Tim.

I did check the circuit breakers and also the AC output directly via the main wiring going to the circuit breaker panel with a digital meter and had no output from the generator to the panel. My first thought was that the wiring harness or plug was loose but this does not seem to be the case.

Do you have a suggestion as to how I could test the magnet? Could I test with a metal screw driver for example?

If the magnet does need to be re magnatized is it done via the output cable to the circuit breaker panel? (red grey and blue wires coming from the generatog to the plug in the back of the circuit breaker panel)


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first im not a generator expert. i would highly recommend contacting the manufacturer at this point.

next. you should not put DC in the wires where the AC comes out of. in fact i would say forget about flashing altogether. i feel you are being led astray. according to the manual

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this unit seems to use electromagnet excitation (not permanent magnet excitation)

if you can locate and test the bridge rectifier you might be able to replace it yourself if you find it is bad.

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I had the same problem with the same model, under warranty. I purchased it to replace a very unreliable off-brand unit that I bought for an emergency. I took that one back, bought the Generac, only had it for a days before it stopped providing current within the first hour of the first time I hooked it up to test it.

I took it to a certified repair center, learned that it blew the rotor. By the way, the technician, as I wheeled it into the store, looked at me and said "Oh look, another Generjunk victim!".

Took it back, replaced it with a Makita, which is made by Rob> Hi all,

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