Find Out Why Eric Buell Uses Think3 Rather Than SaladWorks

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Because Eric Buell is a clown. He's too much of an ego maniac to let go of T3. Buell uses Pro-E, and SolidWorks as well. And I would be willing to bet that they have more seats of SolidWorks than anything else. The famed Greg Jankowski (SolidWorks Guru) was the former CAD Manager at Buell and if he chose I am sure he could let us know that seat count.
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I guess it is time to switch CAD programs again. I think he got a CAD-of-the-month gift basket for Christmas last year. I wonder what happened to VX?
I replied to you instead of him...I don't feel quite as dirty ;o)
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Markus Wankus wrote in news:
How is that in anyway relevant to why Buell uses think3 ?
What is a FACT is that Eric Buell is able to do what others are not able to do.... build a crotch rocket made in the U.S.A.
What have you done lately that rivals this or is even close to this accomplishment ?
Have you ever ridden a Buell ?
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Any idea what so many people love this bike... myself included.
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jon banquer wrote in news:
It's not like you replied with anything intelligent to say or made any observation that was noteworthy on why Buell chooses to use think3, on why Eric Buell loves Alain Massebo's Global Shape Modeling, etc. so I would lose any sleep over your response or lack of it.
No need for anyone to kick you in the azz.... as per usual you managed to find a way to kick you own azz. :>)
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jon banquer
Markus Wankus wrote in news:OMexe.15169$
It's such a foreign concept to product loyalists that someone can appreciate the technologies in multiple CAD/CAM packages.
Guess they are going to have to find away to deal with it.
Buck up !
Perhaps it's time for yet another round of bragging by SaladWorks Product Loyalists about who is in / who should be in / who just got added to their newsgroup filters ?
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jon banquer
JB, you need your own Blog.
Put up your own website like other CAD experts do, like a lot on this newsgroup.
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Newsgroups: alt.machines.cnc,comp.casd.solidworks
Since we're (tinw) having a big shebang over a simple typo, care to explain where, exactly, we (tinw) can find the newsgroup "comp.casd.solidworks" you were cross posting to? I can't seem to find it on any of the dozen news servers I have access to. Is "comp.casd.solidworks" in your newsgroups line, per chance, a *gasp*... typographical error?
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Black Dragon
I guess you've never met the man. I have, on several occasions had the pleasure of talking and spending time with Erik. He is *NOT* an ego maniac in any way.
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Steve Mackay
Steve Mackay wrote in news:upRze.2379$
Ken labels Eric Buell a clown because Ken is jealous as he will *never* achieve the level of inovative success that Eric Buell has achieved.
One of the things that separates Eric Buell from a SaladWorks product loyalist like Ken Maren is that Eric Buell is smart enough to understand how to use and apply think3 Global Shape Modeling to create the innovate products that emit from Buell Motorcycle.
Eric Buell is no CAD/CAM product loyalist. Eric Buell can't afford to be when so many incomplete solutions exist and make up the norm in the CAD/CAM world.
SaladWorks is for those who are content with mainstream middle of the road crap and need to align themselves with the marketing leader in order to make themselves feel secure with their decision to use an incomplete product that does very poorly when confronted with many real world tasks.
SaladWorks.... it's the Microsoft Powerpoint of the CAD/CAM world.
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jon banquer
I second this for your original posting on this thread. A link telling us that someone will be available for breakfast to speak to us about think3.
Now that's the pot calling the kettle black bub.
How you can even infer that solidworks will be mentioned in the little 1-1/2 hour breakfast is a total leap of faith. But then again, the original post is just another "sensationalist headline" . . .
Go wait in the car . . .
(Cliff - you are starting to make a lot of sense!)
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Sean-Michael Adams

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