Re: Why SaladWorks And Preventor Are Poorly Conceived Products

In my post "Slow mouse reaction..." I was accused of being another "jon_banquer" just because I use a video card MFG that suits my need. I guess I now know why the called me "jon_banquer". You pointed out that there is an inherent problem and rather than address it, the blinders go on and the problem gets compounded.

Although my issue was a minor issue about the zoom feature this forum spun it into ATI bashing rather helping. If the feedback in this forum is any indication I doubt you will see SW make any real progress in this area. In my thread the suggested help was to dump what I have even though it worked with everything else that I have had over the past 8-9 years in favor of what SW "certified".

If I were SW I don't know if I would bother to take these recommendations because the posters in my thread seem perfectly happy with the incompatibilities with other systems and hardware. They are totally willing to throw away hardware every year with each new version of SW. When you have a customer base that will jump every time you say BOO why bother making life easier for them when they seem to be so willing to make life easier for you and pay you for the favor?

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> The man who wrote this article is often credited with inventing NURBS. > > Perhaps there is something to be learned from what he has to say. ;>) > > jon >
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The only thing to be learned is the person who posted this article could have invented the concept of pointless posts. Its amazing how ingnorance only grows with frequency and number of posts....

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