Dapol products.


Never been here, not really into railway things if im honest.

I actually build military and cars, but work in a model shop / train store on Sats.

I have been over a while watching what people buy, building wise, lots of cardboard and Hornby, but not a great deal of those Dapol buildings.

I took a couple home, the Engine shed and Bridge as i want to build them and offer them for sale. Now im not a bad modeller and i know i can do a damn good realistic job but the trouble is time taken against what to charge?

both products cost me £5.70 and was looking at about £13 for the bridge and about £19 for the shed. Seen the Hornby shed at about £14 IIRC but would that amount be too high? im talking full weathering detail, added moss / ivy etc up the walls and propper looking wood finnish. Are they based on real things, and what era?

Its more of a hobby, im disabled and not working apart from the Sats, so time thing isnt a issue, as this is why i took up modelling 10 years ago, but would they appeal to non builder?

Also is there any websites that would show actual buildings i can use as referane, like i do for tanks, planes and cars.

thanks and your input would be appriciated.

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Ok, slight error, i picked up the water tower rather than the bridge.

After spending a hour on fitting, noticed a huge amount of flash, and a quite of a bit of work needed in filling and scraping

Im sure a water tower would have a huge pipe for filling, im sure when i was a kid i had one of these.

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