How much cost AutoCad?

Hello All !!!
Do You know how much cost AutoCad 2000, AutoCad 2004 ???
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they are the same price... $3,000+
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Adam B
H J Scheunhage & Associates Ltd 103, 9840 - 97 Ave., GRANDE PRAIRIE, AB T8V 7K2
approves of piracy?
You doing the Hythe Memorial Arena with pirated software?
Hows the AIBC feel about your ethical conduct?
All valid questions.
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Michael (LS)
It depends on where you buy it.
In Australia, it comes with software locking and a price tag of just under $AUS 8,000. At present exchange rates, this is $US 5,400.
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Ian A. White
Right, buy it. 3500 for a proprietary bloat-ware 2D CAD that doesn't even provide an IGES or STEP translator, and refuses to rework any imported native ACIS file, although the solids engine is ACIS. Or, buy a realisticly-priced clone like Intellicad, TurboCAD, etc that does EXACLTLY THE SAME THING for the average user for a tenth the cost. Autodesk should shame themselves.
It is extortion made legal.
The only real reason AutoCAD sells at all anymore is because of its name, and the standard that all the other stupid software developers have allowed it to set. AutoCAD is the Microsoft of CAD. Interestingly, that CAD program is only available on MS OSes. Idiots love it, but the world is anyway 95% idiots. The same ones buying Windows XP.
Does anyone know of another CAD system that is so hated, that all the other CAD manufacturers have banned together to crack the proprietary file format (as that, in itself, is like 90% the REAL reason people even still mess with Autodesk &%$&%)?
Dreaming of a world when people will one day be half-way intelligent, Ben
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Now, wher did I say to run out and buy Autocad? I wouldn't do that myself. Why would I tell someone else to? I said to buy the one you like. BTW, where did you get the idea that Turbocad is an Autocad clone? I don't know how many Autocad users, when trying to deal with Turbocad, I've seen give up because"damn thing doesn't work like Autocad".
No. Is anybody forcing you to buy it?
There is a lot of truth to that.
There was a time, some years ago, when Autocad was about the best available. That is when it made it into all the schools. Because of widespread use, DWG files were the most common type. When the CAD manufacturers (not Autocad) decided that a standard file format would be a benifit to everyone, DWG was the obvious choice. Might as well go with something that a lot of people weere already using.
AutoCAD is the Microsoft of CAD. Interestingly, that CAD program
Just like most CAD programs.
I have a hard time believing that you actually think that the underlying pupose of the Open DWG allience is the destruction of Autodesk. You have to be a bit smarter than that.
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Maybe my comments concerning TurboCAD were slightly... exagerated :-)
Yes. When CAD becomes standard, you are forced to buy it. Position mantained here. C'mon, every OEM supplier knows that...
Is that what I said? No. I just stated that they are cracking the code, nothing more. I made no comments as to the motives for doing so.
But I am very glad that there are many other choices than AutoCAD.
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That's not hate, it's envy of acad's market share.
John B
Everyone should have a dream. :-)
John B
johnbogie Put the "at" in the gap.
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