How much does solidworks cost?

May sound like a dumb question, but I can't fins any retailer advertising
So roughly how much would say Solidworks 2004 Office cost in the UK?
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Don't know about over there, but it costs $5000 to $6000 over here in the US.
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Mr. Pickles
Steve, I'm guessing that by 'retailer' you mean someone on the high street, like PC World or whatever. Unfortunately, Solidworks is only available via their own network of 'value added resellers' (although many in here would question the first two terms!). We are based in Rochester in Kent, and our reseller is 'Cadtek' in Oxfordshire. Plain vanilla flavour Solidworks was £4000 /seat when we bought it, with an extra £1000 /seat for the 'office' add-ons, which I think is well worth it - your sales people will fall in love with the output from Photoworks. You also need to consider the annual support / subscription which I think is about another £1000 /year (free for the first year).
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Keith Kerwin

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