I?m a high school student who is an aspiring mechanical engineer
focusing (I hope) on robotics. I was wondering if any one might now of a
not to expensive CAD program that could help me on my way.
Any input would be appreciated.
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A mechanical engineer is going to need far more than AutoCAD has to offer. Go here:
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and download Prodesktop Express. It is essentially a light version of ProEngineer. It is a fully parametric solid modeler and the best part is it is free. On the 2D side, most of the guys you will be dealing with in school are going to be brainwashed into using AutoCAD so if you want to be compatible with them, go here:
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for Intellicad. AutoCAD compatible and much cheaper. If you want to buck the crowd and just get the job done, go here:
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and download Turbocad LE. It's free and quite capable. If you decide to use Turbocad, be sure to go to:
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and check out there online user forum. Congratulations on an excellent choice of careers. You will find it challenging and rewarding.
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