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I am a student who is going to school to become a model builder. We learn basic solid works and I want to get more involved with this program. Was wondering if anyone had any links for say modeling a car? Looking to do one for a model (VW BUG)

Any help would be appreciated!


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Go here

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And download the "mach 1" model at the bottom of page 1

I think we have a PT cruiser as well. Have to check and see if it's OK



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Just a warning - the VW bug is a lot more complicated than it looks - there are a lot of subtle things that will prevent you from finishing your model unless you account for them. For instance, there is a subtle shift in the surface at the trunk so the bulge across the rear window can become flat at the termination of the trunk. If you don't account for this, then you can't do the rear bumper without drastically altering its shape from the real car. The VW may look like a few revolves and bosses and you're done (and you can make a shitty approximation this way if you really want), but to really match it requires you to marshall some mojo.

I did a VW model few years back (that's how I know) but I hesitate to share it because it should be approached completly differently. There are some tutorials at

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that can get you started if you want - there is even a corvette-ish model to play with, which is, ironically, a lot simpler than the VW. If you go back to dimontegroup.com in early February there will be some more stuff that will really help get started on that VW. For a first product, however, you might want to start off with something simpler and move up to the car. It will be more important for your self-education to make simpler models that EXACTLY match their intent than to make lousy (revolves to approximate complex shapes, etc)complicated models that miss the mark.

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