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Hello Folks
I have recently acquired a good Lister D, and now a water pump. I intend on
both using the combination at an allotment and occasional showing
Would anyone know where to start getting drive belt to link the two??? I am
not sure if it would need to be leather or canvas and anything about
tensioning etc.
The water pump also has an approx 3" width flywheel, along with the Lister
so I am sure a flat belt would be used but that is all.
Any help would be much appreciated.
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Chris, AC Belting are a supplier of new flat belting otherwise you need to get to some autojumbles and rallies and see what you can pick up. Ebay is another possibility
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Usual disclaimers, Arthur G
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Arthur G
Also Arthur forgot to mention that Stationary Engine Magazine, bought at all good Newsagents, do a booklet on Belting up your engine and pump better than we could :-))
Martin P
Arthur G wrote:
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Hi martin, I have about 20 years of SE stored but when I cancelled my subscription because they were only repeating what I already knew I have found it almost impossible to find anywhere local to buy the occasional copy to see the new adverts. I did find an Asian book store that had the odd copy but that has now died out. Is there any large bookstores that sell it? -- Dave Croft Warrington England
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Dave Croft
Hi Dave i think you can get SE mag in WH smiths or you could last time in Nick Holden Banbury England
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Nice photos, Nick.
Particularly liked the Marshall, the Warwick Eagle, what I assume to be Philip's P-L, oh, and of course the Headless FM Z ;-).
Regards, Arthur G
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Arthur G
I strongly suggest not using any of the resellers operating on Ebay - why pay a mark-up???. Much of the old belt I see on Ebay is rubbish; distorted, perished, water-damage, de-lamination. Yes an Ebay bargain is possible but I've often seen crap go for more than new price! Genuine bargains can be had at the jumbles but they are highly unpredictable so could involve a long wait. Go direct to
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for a quote before pursuing any other route. I have no connection with AC but have used them for many years. I've found them to be very knowledgeable and helpful, their service to be first class and their prices very reasonable. hth
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Roland Craven
two??? I am
Hi chris, get in touch with me and I`ll send you a Vee belt that I have spare. F.O.C Best regards Pete
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