Villiers Mk40 Photo & Parts?

I have had a query via our website from a chap looking for a photo(s) of a
Mk 40 Villiers.
I have had a trawl through my photos and the SEM but couldn't come up with
anything useful. Does anyone have a photo they could email to me to pass on
He is also looking for some parts, namely an exhaust and an engine cowl, if
anyone can assist please let me know and I will pass on the info.
We went along (spectating!) to our first show of the year at Hethersgill
near Carlisle on Sunday, pretty damp, engines in about 2inch of water! Was
anyone there ? The three Merlins were pretty impressive.
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David McC
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Yes David I was at the show, I did not see many people as we sat in the car trying to dry out. In the end we packed up, after trying to start my friends Reid, unfortunately it had a bad seal in the valve assembly so would not run. Anyway we have now dried out and are looking forward to a better day this Sunday. We`re off to Neunen after that, has anyone who has been ever visited this guys place??
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Cheers, MartinH
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Martin Hirst

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