Villiers, Villiers, Villiers ...

Thirty years ago I came by what has turned out to be two very early
radially-finned Villiers Mk V's in two slightly different versions, the
earlier with a decompresser and cylinder tap. I hauled one out a few months
ago, got the seized piston out without a lot of trouble and cleaned it up
awaiting rings. The other seems fine and has a bacon slicer flywheel & belt
pulley, so is almost certainly motorcycle in origin.
The other day, I virtually had another thrust upon me, a 147cc Mk VIA and at
Enstone I came across a Mk II for not a lot. It occurs to me that here is a
nice display of Villiers engines waiting to happen, interesting and easily
handled. Then at Enstone I spied a wooden box, just what I was looking for
to put Saxon pots in to take on school visits. And lo! inside was a hoard
of Villiers bits for £8.00, not because I really wanted them, but there are
two pretty well complete magnetos in there, plus five or six points "boxes"
and other bits, including a complete Mk VIA engine, sans crankcases.
So now - entirely without trying - I have this collection of Villiers
But the magnetos don't fit the Mk V's, do they ?
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