Solutions to problems in Protective Relaying Principles and Applications by J. Lewis Blackburn

I own Protective Relaying Principles and Applications by J. Lewis
Blackburn and was wondering if anyone out there had the solutions
manual for the book. I am not a student looking to cheat in a class.
I work for an electrical testing and maintenance company and bought
the book for self teaching. Working out problems is pointless if you
can't check your answers when you are done. I hope someone might be
able to help me out. Thanks.
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Hi Josh,
Did you have any luck with finding the Sol Man? I need it for the same reasons you did. Please let me know.
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I found a set of solutions that are worked out by hand. I am in the process of determining if they are correct. Let me know if you guys want a copy
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Hello guys, I'm also looking for the solution manuals for the exact reasons as all of you. Would you mind sending me what you have to my email so that I can verify if I've been performing the problems correctly?
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Hello Mr. Josh, I would like to have the solutions manuals for both Symmetr ical components for Power Systems and Protective Relaying both by J.L.Black burn.I would contribute something if needed, Sincerely yours, Roger Mongumu , My email:
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Hi brother I am also looking for the solution manual of the protection rela ying for the same reason.I have done my electrical engineering recently and I need it for the correct solution of problems that I am facing in my job. It will be very grateful if you send this to me.Thanks
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I have the solution manual. Can you please send me the book and i will send you the solution manual.
my email is :
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Hello Everyone. I purchased the third edition of Blackburn Protective relaying and I'm looking for the solutions manual. could you share it>
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I, like everyone else, would like a copy of the 3rd edition solutions manual. Email:
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