Lewis shepard Forklift

Today I went out and bought a old lewis sheaprd forklift. I am not quite
sure as to the year, but I think it looks like it was made in the 50s. It is
a stand up version and is a capacity of 4000lbs. The engine is a wisconsin
V4. It seems to wrok well and aside from a bad paint job looks good. As good
as a 50? year old forklift can look. I was told the engine is a rebuilt one
rescently put in.
I paid 350 for it. I am hoping this is a good deal. I will not be using it
that often, just a couple of times a week right now.
I am wanting to get a manual for it and find out anything I can about it. If
anyone has any info about wisconsin engines or lewis shepard forklifts I
would like to hear it.
I guess I just feel like announcing my newest toy :)
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sounds like a good deal if it works. From personal experience: Run that V4 regularly or the valves will stick, and if you don't pull the heads regularly, (to free up the stuck valves), the head bolts will rust in and break when you have to pull the heads ( to free up said valves). Have fun. Otherwise it's a nice engine(even runs on only a couple cylinders).
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John Hall
I have a VG4D on an aerial lift. I thought it needed a valve job, are you suggesting they can just be worked free?
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When we were running Wisconsin V-4's on our small farm equipment the last thing before storing for the winter was to drown the motor, poring oil into the carb throat, with a product called Esentialube, a motor top end oil. We did not have stuck valves in the spring after we started using this procedure. I would assume something like Marvel Mystery oil would do about the same. lg no neat sig line
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larry g

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