Archibald J Wright engine

Patrick Knight in Oz has managed to buy this engine.
The label says it is a Sydney made engine but we think it was probably made from
A J Wrights Islington Castings.
The A J Wright is shown in the A to Z of Stationary Engines & Patricks engine is
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anyone have one over here or know any history of the firm.
Also is there anyone in London who knows if 318 Upper Street Islington still
Dave Croft
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Dave Croft
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Patrick Livingstone I think :-) ttfn Roland
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Roland and Celia Craven
In message , Dave Croft writes
Patrick Livingstone, surely?
Upper Street was still there in the 90's - I used to eat in a cracking Chinese restaurant (Youngs, I think) in Upper Street back then. A 2001 copy of the A-Z shows Upper Street as still being there (a fairly major thoroughfare, in fact). A quick Google finds a branch of Sainsbury's at No. 317 - 318 and also Upper Cut Hair and Beauty Salon at No. 318.
I haven't actually seen any of these with my own eyes.
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Peter Scales
Sorry Guys, you are of course perfectly right to point out my total stupidity in naming the wrong Patrick. Patrick Knight came to mind as I had just been looking up the engine in the A to Z for which he was the main author!
-- Dave Croft Warrington England
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Dave Croft
I have now given the engine a good clean up and freed everything up. It has good compression so once I make up a burner and fuel lines it should run. I have added some more pics of it to its web page:
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anyone seen one of these?
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Patrick M Livingstone

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