Need autowall break doors and windows for autocad lt 2008

Can anyone recommend an addon or for autocad lt 2008 that has the
feature of automatically breaking walls on door window insertion? I'm
specifically looking for this feature and don't need much else. Thanks
in advance.
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You might want to look into this program.
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I don't use LT, only the full versions of AutoCAD Architecture and Revit. But, this looks like it might do what you want. Unless of course you are looking for something free. Then good luck.
Daryl Stockton
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Rather than spend that kind of money on an AutoCAD LT add on, where you still dont have the capabilities of AutoLISP, VBA, raster image insertion and conversion, 10,000 blocks, advanced rendering, etc., dump AutoCAD LT in favor of progeCAD 2008 Professional in combination with progeARCH. progeCAD uses AutoCAD DWG files, supporting versions 2.5 through 2009, and has a command set about the same as AutoCAD. Includes 3D surfaces and solid modeling, and is compatible with most of the file types of AutoCAD including linetypes, hatch patterns, menus, etc. Input and output to PDF. Just a whole slew of features that make it miles ahead of AutoCAD LT. And the clincher, it costs about 1/3rd the price of AutoCAD LT and 1/10th the price of AutoCAD. You could get progeARCH, a 2D architectural design package, and progeCAD 2008 Professional for less than the cost of the software mentioned previously just to do architecture in AutoCAD LT. has a 30 day full trial version available on their website for free download.
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