Architectural program free for LT

We have been stifled by Autodesk and have decided that instead of trying to
find a way to somehow compete with them we are just going to give it away
our Real Architect 2007 program for AutoCAD LT to any individual that wants
it . It is a good, powerful and easy to use 2D architectural drafting
program, and if you are a LT user doing architectural work, it will save you
a lot of time. It works with all versions of AutoCAD LT from LT98 to LT2007.
This is a complete program and has no time limit. No strings attached and
includes downloadable Installation and Jump Start guides as well as a .pdf
format full manual.
I suppose it's possible that there are no AutoCAD LT users out there, but
from what I understand it is the number one money maker for them. The myth
that they have put out there since it's inception is that you cannot program
LT and it is only good for a viewing and a little edits and red lining. Well
it's not. They pay for all the 3D programmers to create cool looking models,
but you try to find a customer willing to pay for the time involved in
learning and using their ADT or Revit products. You may work for a high
rolling firm who can afford to buy the programs for you and then bill the
customers for your time. If you are, that's good on you. Enough preaching to
the choir. If you want a really good deal, go to our website. Who needs to
upgrade when you can use an old version of LT and Real Architect 2007
together and smoke most ADT and Revit users creating a set of drawings that
you get paid for. Does anyone out there think there will come a time when
builders don't need paper drawings? Can you get a building permit without a
set of paper plans?
James Padgett
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