How can I rotate an image in autocad lt 2008? I need to scale off of
images ( jpg) quite often and rotating them helps but the rotate
command only seems to move the image. Any help would be much
appreciated, thanks in advance.
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AutoCAD LT has very limited image manipulation capability. This may explain why your image will not rotate. Your reseller should have explained the limitations of LT.
Daryl Stockton
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A frequent method of importing an image is by copying to the clipboard and pasting into AutoCAD. This method brings the image in as an OLE object that you cannot rotate. Use the image command to attach the image. You should have better luck with being able to maniuplate the image.
Bill DeShawn
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Bill DeShawn
I haven't used LT in a long time, but have a look around for an add-on called slingshot. It was either very cheap or free at the time, and very useful.
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