Online AutoCAD training?

I want to learn AutoCAD and I was wondering if anyone had any first hand
experience with any of the on-line courses?
I would normally just buy a good text and self-study, but I don't own a
copy of AutoCAD. An on-line course would allow me to purchase a copy of
the perpetual student edition for less than the price of LT. I need
the full version because I come from a programming background and am
looking to focus on the customization aspects. I have years of
experience doing VBA for Word/Excel and want to extend that to AutoCAD.
I also would like to compliment my self-study with the structure that an
on-line course gives.
So.... I want to learn AutoCAD and I need the full version of the
program. Can someone recommend a good on-line course that gives me that?
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Bob Smith
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