I am using autocad 2002 for some reason th mouse is very eratic it seems to
jump like it was in snap mode when trying to draw. Can someone guide me,
maybe I triggered a command ,I am fairly new at drawing with cad.
thank you Mike
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This may sound silly, but try cleaning the mouse ball. They get dirty and will tend to skip. Shirley
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S. Smith
Are you sure that it is not in Snap mode, but without the grid being displayed?
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That happens to me all the time. It comes and goes for no apparent reason. Once I was able to stop it by turning off my osnaps, but that doesn't work everytime. I'm also interested to see how many others have noticed this or if there is a solution.
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If you happen to be in a large drawing (as a beginner?) and the video card is overwhelmed and slow to refresh the cursor can act that way. Does it do it all the time and even in a blank drawing?
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Toggle your F9 key - Snap to OFF hth, Brian
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Brian Spillane
This can happen on older computers.
I had an older Dell laptop that did this. The computer took info from the mouse in smaller bytes than modern mice sent. So leftover bits would make the mouse jump. It was sort of random, and very irritating.
My newer Dell laptop works great.
At some point years ago mice went from something like a 6 bit to a 8 bit format or something like this. I don't remember the actual number of bits for these.
Unfortunately if this is the cause, the solution is a newer computer.
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