Drawing of 4-wheel ATV?

I hate asking for this because I know how difficult it is to draw but
hopefully someone out there will help me out of the goodness of their heart.
I am looking for a 3D drawing of a 4-wheel ATV, I would also take a 2D
drawing because it would still be better than what I have now and it would
get me started on the layout to convert it to 3D. I am working on patent
drawings for an attachment to a 4-wheeler (sorry, I can't get into what it
is because of a confidentiality agreement) and the inventor wants to see the
attachment drawn onto it. I have already drawn the attachment in 3D and it
would be very easy to insert the 4-wheeler into the drawing and then scale
it to the correct size.
Thank you for your help,
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Go to the manufactures websites & email them.. like Honda.. they would probably know where to find one.
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You might want to check out
formatting link
I'm not sure if they have one, but they have quite a bit of 3D models.
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Thanks for the suggestions guys, I will try them out.
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