Will unimat 4 milling post fit unimat 3 ?

Hi, I am hearing from one stockist thet the Unimat 4 Milling Attachment post and head assembly 200 100 will need to have matching holes drilled into its base to be backwards compatible/fir a unimat 3.

Another stockist Chronos has their website saying ' This milling attachment can be mounted to the rear of Unimat 3/4 lathes '

Now the Unimat 3 has a V shaped socket into which its own milling post was affixed. This 200 100 has a flat flange, doesnt look compatible.

Rejon site has it up as for a Unimat 4.

Neither are there on a Sunday to ask and I need to know urgently !

Does anyone know the score on this ?

Cheers Steve

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I dont know about a unimat 3, but my unimat 4 has a flat pad cast into the back of the bed with 4 tapped holes arranged in a rectangle iirc about 2" by 1" tho its a long time since I looked. hth Dave

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dave sanderson

If the column can be removed from the cast base it won't be too hard to drill two holes to fit the back of the Unimat 3, the Vee shape of the casting will align the column if your holes are a bit off.

I think Chronos may have a typo as all the other sites say it fits the U4 & 5


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