emco unimat 3 lathe

A few questions:
Is this an appropriate place to post a "for sale" sign for this item?
Might this group suggest a price (if I give info and specs)?
Any other suggestions on how I can get this to someone who'd want it?
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Chris Conway
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Honest, straightforward "for sale" posts are usually accepted here. Some people can no doubt provide an fairly approximate idea of the machine's value if you provide details of the model, specification, tooling and condition. Condition is very important. Also search completed listings on eBay and look at new prices (if the machine is available new) to give you an idea of a sensible price to ask. This group is international, so you may be able to better reach people in your country or region via
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(and eBay's other country-specific sites).
Good luck!
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Christopher Tidy
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