Using Autocad from Architectural Desktop?

AutoDesk Architectural Desktop is installed. For most of its load-up time it
calls itself AutoCAD 2002, which is what I want to use (i.e. engineering
CAD). Right at the end of its bootup it changes to Arch Desk. Is there any
way I can get it hold at AutoCAD and not load up all the architectural
-Neil F.
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neil f
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I have had a similar experience using Autodesk ADT 2004. Try typing Menuload at the command prompt and then look for ACAD and then transfer the items you need for the pulldown menu. It should then give the facilities that you may be familiar with in Autocad.
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Andy Anderson
On your desktop:
1. Create a new shortcut 2. Rt click on shortcut > PROPERTIES > 3. In the box, browse to the folder with ADT. 4. In that folder, you should see "acad.exe" > select & 5. Name your shortcut name > FINISH
This should start vanilla ACAD.
NOTE: You should also go back to PROPERTIES & set the "Start In" to where ever you want your files to be stored.
Keep up the good work. billm *****************************
Andy Anders> In message , neil f
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Bill Mollman
Thanks Bill. I did as above but unfortunately it still seems to load the whole architecture shebang on top.
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neil f
"neil f" skrev i en meddelelse news:404b68e7$0$1168$
There shuld be an uninstall feature , must be described in the documentation. Now if the last text prompt is a function name , that return a messeage about specific applications loaded , then this one is easy with Lisp. Still why torture a new set of functions beside the ones already avaible ,is not this application good enough , or is it to rigid or needless more expensive ?
Lookup arxunload in AutoLisp reference , unload the application with your keyboard , be back with the same old mess of rigid old AutoCAD , but you will not do the tradisional projecting better , without smart tools. AutoCAD is good for carrying applications and desktops all kinds , but it never compared a direct link production method where you acturly cut the building assembly , instead of documenting it , placing graphic perspective on a screen versus producing it in real ,placing it with digital means , -------- be able to buy your next house at a third, double as smart and poverfull ;))
Still why shuld a well documented assembly framework not make sense ; I talk about combining the documenting with a real assembly line ., If it is true, that the framework will be more earthquake safe, ------ maby a different aproach, than the tradisional, but true . Then why isn't earthquakesafe structures not produced, with different robots then those making cars, Lookup the different 3D-H framework progressed , what's realy wrong building it four times as strong , when this is good and work four times stronger , Sorry I promote a method ,
Yes it is different , ---- shuldn't it be ?
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But can it build the actural 16 mm. steel sheet assembly , much better than architectural desktops , ------ what was wrong with Point ?
Still I would not feel well . torturing an old friend like AutoCAD , sorry IntelliCAD , but sure you can ; Do you Romans also somtimes get an idear being honest ;))
Then I do not belive, that you need any desktop but if you shuld have another one with AutoCAD ,it would be combining IntelliCAD and 3Ds and AutoCAD .3DMax. If then you Make it avaible whatever you design cutting it from sheet material water jet or laser cutters in sheet material , that material could easy be Concrete, in 3D-H more earthquakesafe than a silli boxwork exploding almost inside the structure ------- a 3D-H will wave earthquake waves if you are lucky, it is that kind of quake. Now I told , please listen this is my trend, had it like that for years ;))
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