Q: Designjet 430 and Autocad 14 plotting

I need to setup a HP Designjet 430 plotter to work with Autocad R14, running
on Windows XP, and am having a problem getting a driver. I want to be able
to set it up through Autocad, not as a system printer. I checked Autodesk
support and HP support, neither had any solutions.
Does anyone have any experience with this setup?
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Eric W
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I think you're out in a desert. Autocad-14 is designed for win95/98 if it runs under XP that would be a miracle (we are now already 5 cad releases further). Autocad-14 uses the HDI-drivers, they are no longer created.
So, if you do get rel.14 running under XP, use the 430 as a system printer (if drivers available).
I don't give you much chance to find other drivers.
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This is the set-up that I am using... I have no problems running R14 plots using XP Pro.
I don't remember doing anything special to make it work. I just loaded the software that came with the plotter. It seems that I went to the HP website and downloaded an updated driver after it was running, but, i didn't see a difference.
Ted Hicks
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