Plotting on an HP450C DesignJet

I have just added a 24" roll feed to my HP450C 'D' size plotter
because I was sick of manually feeding sheets into the plotter but now
I find that I cannot get a plot to come out right. They are either
rotated wrong, scaled wrong or other but it is really frustrating and
eating up a lot of my time. The drivers seem uptodate, can anyone
help me?
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Have you made sure that you don't need to change something in the driver itself? Meaning that it is now using roll vs. individual sheets? maybe there is another setting that needs changed since you are now using a different type of media.
Regards, Scott
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I have an older DesignJet 200 and found that the most current driver did not work. I had to use the next older version. Maybe you're in the same boat?
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Mickey Reilley
Seems like nobody has a great deal of joy with these plotters and solidworks. Drivers are up to date, settings are all correct. I don't know if it is Solidworks or the plotter but the two in combination are a nightmare and continual headache.
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We have a couple of these plotters and went through the pain you are going through when we first set them up. Unfortunately I cannot give you the exact settings to resolve the problem as we print most drawings scaled down to A3 and therefore don't use them much now, and I don't have time at the moment to "play" with them to get the settings again.
What I would recommend doing is what we did when we set them up - NOTE DOWN the settings in the print dialogue box, trial print, check as soon as you can see enough of the the print coming out to know what you have got, cancel the print, try again, and again... until you get the right result. If I recall correctly, plan and landscape give the opposite result to the ones you would expect, as soon as we had got our heads around this one, we started to get somewhere.
What we did realise was that these are not good network printers (for printing from SW at least), unless you have shares in a paper mill!
Hope this helps.
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Jon Ross

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