Help plotting to a HP 750C Designjet

Hello There:
I have a HP 750C Plotter connected to a computer with Windows XP.
When I send a drawing to print, it prints the first 20% or so
fine and then I get the message "INK DRYING 1M" at the plotter, and it stops
Could anyone give me an idea what to do to correct this?
Thank you,
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Hi Lo,
first of all, how did you connect the plotter? Printer port or tcp/ip? Next step: Have a look in the plotting options. In case of less memory in the plotter, it might be better to let the computer work out the plotfile, instead the plotter itsself.
Can you tell us anything about the memory size in the plotter?
(Well, my english is not very good, I know)
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Johannes Dressel
look at your hpconfig option in Autocad, or the plotter properties though windows. is this a new problem after common use? if not check your paper quality and the monochrome settings.
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Wuillian Medrano

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