Oce 9400 series II - help needed with printning pdf

Is it possible to print pdf files using acrobat reader or photoshop on
a oce 9400 series II printer.??
please let me know asap.
thanks alot.
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These programs print using Windows drivers, which are available on the Oce web site for 32 bit versions of Windows. The HDI drivers that can be used for printing from Autocad do not work with Acrobat and Photoshop. You can have both an HDI driver and a Windows driver loaded at the same time with no problems. My experience is that it can take a lot of trial and error testing to find the correct settings to have the plotter use the correct sheet size and properly center the image on the sheet.
I've also read that Oce printers are compatible with HP drivers, but I haven't tried HP drivers with my Oce TDS400. I do know that the local repro houses that use Oce accept HP650C and/or HP750C .PLT files and can plot them with no problems.
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