Slow printing to HP 1220C in ACLT 2004...

Has anyone had any problems printing out of ACLT 2004 to an HP DeskJet
1220C? When I print to it, it takes forever to print. It prints a
little, then pauses, then prints, pauses, etc. It takes between 15-20
minutes to print an 11x17 page, maybe longer.
I can down save the drawing and open it in ACLT 2002 and it prints fine.
I am running the latest service pack for LT 2004, and also have the
latest drivers available from hp's website for my 1220C. My HP DesignJet
450C works like it did before in 2002, but not the DeskJet 1220C.
Thanks for any help!
cad group llc
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Chuck E. Sowers
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I'm using ACAD 2004 Lt, and also do some printing to a 1220C. No real problems. I always use the draft setting, usually the monochrome, or virtual pen setting. Make sure your pen setting is correct. But maybe you already know this stuff.
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