Autocad97 LT printing propblem

Hi all and thank you in advance,
I am trying to help a friend print (to scale) on his A3 HP DeskJet
1280 printer. I know very little about AutoCadLT97 but it appears
it has a list of "plotters" ???? you can select from and the 1280
(printer) model is not there. I've tried looking for specific
drivers on the Autodesk site and HP but can't find anything there.
The symptoms are that when you print or print preview, half of the
drawing is cut off. I've checked all the obvious issues like that the
printer is the default printing device. The printer is set up for A3
and that the drawing scale is correct in AutoCad (mm). In desperation
i've even tried "fit to page" but then the scale is incorrect.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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