printing a banner using a hp designjet-autocad?

I would like to print a banner from photo of one of my gardens on my
designjet 350c
I am not sure how to go about it.
can i do it from autocad inserting a photo and stretching it, or is there a
better way
also what is the best material to print onto if one wants to keep it
many thanks
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Leon Horsnell
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I would assume some sort of glossy photo paper.
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Chris Gyotar
I'm not sure that the designjet would print photographs. Are they not for vector images only?
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B. W. Salt.
I know both my plotters work well with photos. HP Design Jet 500 and 1050C Plus
best bet.....try it out
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Chris Gyotar
Set you plotter as Default system printer, it will not be as accurate but it may just give you what you want. I do that with a HP Designjet600 (non-raster) You may have to play with it a bit to get it to start properly and/or configure paper size but it can be done
hth Brian
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Brian Spillane

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