HP designjet 500 plus

Just a warning for anyone thinking of buying this printer.

It comes with 32Mb ram but this is not enough for Solidworks, not even just to print the templates. I got this as a replacement for the HP designjet 450c which only has

8Mb and works fine with Solidworks. So you need to add a memory upgrade to your budget.

It is fine for Autocad though.

Ps get the plus version, as this comes with the memory expansion card, which is very expensive to buy alone!

I wonder why 32Mb is not enough though?

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I forgot to add that this printer is enormous compared to the 450C and the paper roll loads from the back and not the front like the 450c!

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Nice markup on the memory, HP.

HP 128Mb stick =3D=A3159.00 +VAT !!!

I got a "pattern" memory from uk.insight.com (Integral sodimm128B pc100), for =A316.99. yes =A316.99

Tut tut!!

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