Re: hp 500 designjet problems

What OS do you have on your computer and the server?
Win2000 on both.
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Hi Walms,
Try this:
1) Write the plot out to a file, instead of the port.
2) Do this for both machines and compare the files. If they are different, then it is the configuration of the driver. If the files are different, reinstall drivers / patch drivers.
3) If the files look the same, take the one from the "good machine", copy it to the "bad machine" and redirect it to the printer port.
C:>type plotfile.prn > LPT1
Where LPT1 is the name of your printer port.
(my secret suspicion is that the raw prot redirection is more robust because it does not dynamically involve the print driver - my unfounded belief)
4) If the plot is still bad on the "bad machine" it's more likely protocol or memory, so look there.
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Sean-Michael Adams

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