Realview oddities!

I have a 2 pc. Assem. that I have added a default (Plastic)PE High
Density Mat'l to both parts. I have given the parts a RGB color value of
When I zoom way into the rounded corners where there seems to be
reflection I can see a, (get this) parking lot with cars in it. it looks
like a car show or something.....Does the bitmap of what makes this
shiny surface a photo of a show room? when I zoom out it looks fine but
is a weird thing I thought. Anyone else getting this?
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Larry Jedik
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SDRC used to use the terms "texture map" versus "environment map". In the former, the map moves with the surface while, in the latter, the image is stationary relative to the surface.
I don't have the graphics card to enable environment mapping but I think if you make a sphere you will see the image more clearly.
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Your right! I created a sphere, and I was able to make out a "KIA" trade show booth. Looks like a lot of cars on display.
Larry Jedik
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Larry Jedik
Upon further investigation, I think rather than a parking garage, it's a car show. The KIA object is a display with a race car next to it, and there's definitely a building overhead complete with lights.
I did try the chrome first, and while it shows colors, the image is very fuzzy. The carbon fiber materials worked the best for me.
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Wayne Tiffany
sounds to me like all your seeing is the reflection map, in order for the cg shader to work it needs to reflect something if it has nothing to reflect it would look very bland and boring and not very realistic at all
maybe in the next release of solidworks they will let mere mortals who dont have the cg knowledge some control over writing shaders
why is beyond me as you would normally use a seperate rendering app to do really good images but nonetheless i think theyve made a move into hardware rendering so thy will probably stick with it
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Sounds like a reflection image. Inventor uses one as well and you could change it. Realview looks alot like inventor.
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Scott Proctor

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