We have just added our 6th shirt!

We have just put our 6th shirt on our web site. Our 6th shirt is the Mir Space Station.

We have 14 more shirt to go. They are Shuttle Lift off Atlantis Columbia Discovery Endeavour Hubble Telescope Piggyback (space shuttle on back of jet) Lunar Rover Lunar Lander Euroshuttle Hernes Soviet Shuttle Salute on the moon First space walk MMU (spaceman) Cosmonaut

I have all of the design ready for these shirts. I just have the time to put

1 new one on the site a night. If you would like to purchase and of these shirts or would like to see one stitch out please e-mail us at snipped-for-privacy@rap.midco.net or send me a PM

To place a order or find out more information go to www.tandmembroidery

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The web site is

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