help from owners of designjet 70?

I'm shopping for printers to print event posters (18-inch x 24 inch).
One of the cheaper one is a printer sold for CAD users like hp designjet 70.
I don't mind lower resolution or non archival ink, just need to look good
from a few feet away.
Since I can't find any reviews on this printer, could someone who owns this
printer tell me:
If you use the printer to print color photos, does it look good when viewed
from a few feet away?
Has anyone seen any local store carries this type of printers? HP's own web
site list only mail order firms. How are customers supposed to evaluate the
printers with no reviews and no local support?
Also, I'm not familiar with inkjets that require print-head replaced. How
ofter do they need replacement, more or less often than ink cartridges?
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