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I sometimes have to work with files from others. Normally, I just have
them save back to my version, Auctocad 2000.
I don't do enough volume to justify constant upgrades, but when I have
to keep reminding people to save to an old format it costs me time.
Can't adjust the customer....
If I pick up a copy of the latest LT version, could I open other
peoples' files and save back to a compatible version HERE?
On a related subject, I send my plans to a structural engineer for
details on beams, and he sends me my file back edited.
I would just cut and paste his details into my set, used to.
Recently, files from my structural engineer refuse to cut and paste.
They refuse to WBLOCK.
Most inconvenient. My workaround has been to insert his entire file into
a template of mine. From there I have been able to cut and paste.
If anybody knows what is biting me, I would love to understand this.
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Check out Autodesk's "True Convert" it's free and will allow you to convert any AutoCAD drawing version to an other.
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Patrick Hughes
formatting link
Free and easy to use. Makes upgrading pointless to us.
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Tiger Tim

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