Pixelated Arcs in drawings?

At somepoint in the last week of uninstalling and reinstalling SW ands
upgrading to SP4 and downgrading back to SP3.4 my prints of arcs have
become very pixelated, it's not that they're faceted, just fuzzy. Prints
from last week look good and smooth with crisp curves.
I've got all the sliders set to almost HIGH, this helped with the
faceting, but the fuzz (pixelating) is still there. I tried the
checking the 'High Quality" box in the print dialog box, didn't help the
curves, I tried the "Convert Draft Quality to High Quality" option, the
drawing objects didn't print, just the dimensions...
Any ideas where else to tweak?
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Tell it to print in black and white instead of color or grey scale, under File > Page Setup.
hayduke wrote:
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Thanks, but that didn't help either...
I tried a CutePDF and it did the same...
...aaaha...High Quality display property in the drawing view, was Draft Quality... seems to have fiuxed it...
matt wrote:
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