Acu rite 200M DRO display

Anyone know where I can get one of the displays for that DRO from the mid
90's. My old one went bad. I think it is the connector between the
keyboard and the PC board. Also, anyone interested in a 3X17 Sherline
with some fixins for $650? I'm thinking about going with a Microlux 7X14 if
someone can prove to me that they are any better than Sherline Otherwise
I'll get a Jet 13X40 when I can afford it. Sincerely,
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John Wizman
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What is the connector type? Ive got an AccuRite II or IIl that lights up, but doesnt count. Should be an easy repair.
There are a number of repair houses that could fix yours btw.
Some even reasonable
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I don't know what features the 200 series has, but there's a 100 model on eBay now, item 7604324035.
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I've heard that Acu Rite and Anilam scales and display units that utilize the round 6-pin connectors are interchangeable (enough times that it's likely to be factual). These would be the 5 volt TTL signal units. The key aspect of doing this type of switch would be if the display unit can be set to the required scale resolution (number of counts per inch of travel).
Many DRO displays have selectable scale resolution settings for the user to set. Having the operating manual may be necessary to determine if a display has the capabilities of being set to the existing scales.
Most of the 5 volt TTL devices are generally compatible when the user can wire the connector correctly, and has the required setup info for setting the resolution, providing the display unit has the appropriate settings.
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Wizman wrote:
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Wild Bill
The 200M has a D connector and the Quick Count has the round connector. You will need to change the connector or make a pigtail with the correct connectors on each end. Acu-rite sells the pigtail cable but they want $50.00 for each axis.
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Be sure when matching up Acurite scales and readouts with d-sub connectors that you get scales with the proper interface. The scales for the Millmate and Turnmate readouts are not TTL. I believe the scales output a raw signal from the detector which is squared up in the readout rather than onboard the scale reader head.
Ned Simmons
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Ned Simmons

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