Accu rite DRO problem

I have an Accu rite DRO on my 9X42 thi is a two axis model. The problem is
that some of the keys do not work and I have found that there is bad contact
between the etched ribbon connector that goes from the keyboard to the
circuit board. This has a connector that is called an amp trio mate. Now
no one out there is willing to sell me one or two pieces but rather a min of
480 pcs at .25 cents a piece. anybody know where I should go looking for
such components. I have a surplus place about 50 minutes drive, I'd rather
just order the specific product I need pay S+H and get it.
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Try Newark Electronics and/or Resource Electronics LLoyd
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
Have you tried Accurite? I got their number by asking J&L for it. Bet MSC will have it also. Accurite gave me the best tech service I HAVE EVER HAD! GREAT PEOPLE.
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Karl Townsend
I've found that some online catalogs are difficult to locate certain parts, particularly connectors. Sizes, separate terminals etc.
If you can't find the connector quickly, you could just use ribbon cable to replace the flex circuit. Strip and solder at both ends, keeping the same orientation of the original connectors/connections. This will work well for low voltage signal cables that don't need to move constantly (like CD or scanner heads).
WB .............
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Wild Bill

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