[AD]: PIC On Screen Display project board

The PIC On Screen Display (OSD) project board available from http://www.STV5730A.co.uk has been designed to provide simple, inexpensive
hardware and software for the development of versatile OSD applications. Far more than a simple video text generator, the OSD project board creates a unique environment for PIC program development. Programs can now be created that directly interface with sensors and other devices in the normal way, but which can also interact by displaying their data and status information on any TV screen or video monitor.
The project board combines the 16F628 with the STV5730A OSD chip used to generate the on screen menus for VCRs. Fully compatible with both PAL & NTSC video standards the project board will overlay text and graphics characters onto the composite video signal from any camera or other video source. It can also generate its own video signal which can be displayed on any TV, video monitor or VCR with a composite video input.
A set of on screen display routines and advanced example programs is also available to aid the development of more complex screen displays.
Cut out the tedium of project development and get straight to the fun of making your idea work with proven hardware and well commented easy to understand example code.
The PIC 16F628 - STV5730A on screen display project board is available from http://www.STV5730A.co.uk Features: * 16F628 microcontroller for flexible development * STV5730A on screen display IC gives 28 character by 11 row screen * 128 text and graphics characters defined in ROM * Text over video or self generated video signal * RS232 interface via DS275 & PIC USART * i/o lines on the PIC for easy interface to sensors, keypads, etc * Power supply 5V dc or 9 - 12dc via on board regulator * Simple PC serial interface and GPS display examples * Enclosures, accessories and connectors available
Simon Blake
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