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I have a GE Viewstation CE IIx. and I have a piece of software that requires:
Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP
? Pentium® III 450 MHz or equivalent
? 128 MB RAM
? 16 MB video card
(multiple cards required for multi-monitor setup)
? 100 MB available had disk space
(additional space required for charts or other data)
? 16 bit color VGA-compatible display (or better)
? Available serial port or USB for GPS connection*
? Available USB or parallel port for security dongle
? 12x or higher CD-ROM drive
? Mouse or other pointing device
So the CE box doesnt have near the capabilities to handle it.
But I have no problem running the application on my laptop. Is it possible to
have the application run on the laptop (in docking station) and have the GE
viewstation work as the screen (and still maintain the touchscreen functions as
The application will never need to run without the laptop.
I also have toyed withthe Idea of getting an Industrial computer just for the
application but I would perfer to use the screen I have (to avoid investing
inanother screen)
Any Ideas or is it a pipe dream.
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